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Dr. Winifred Constable is the director and owner of an independent primary care practice located in the center of the Main Line. We care for adults ages 14 through old age.

Our philosophy is that the benefits of a small office setting, where both the staff and the doctor truly know you, far outweigh the typical large practice environment where taking care of patients has often become a very impersonal process. Being a doctor is what Dr. Constable finds most rewarding in life, she has practiced medicine for over 25 years, and she cares greatly about her patients.

We believe that caring for our patients not only consists of treating for active medical problems, but also spending time in discussing preventative care; this helps to protect patients from becoming sick, and in staying healthy. We care best for our patients when we really get to know you personally, and can spend adequate time discussing your issues.

Dr. W. Constable is trained in Internal Medicine, with subspecialty training in Bariatric Medicine, the science of obesity. Besides practicing in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, she continues to do missionary work once a year in Uganda, Africa. Here she travels to remote areas where there is little or no access to medical care, sets up clinics, and treats some of the poorest people on earth. She has her own foundation, and is gone about two weeks, twice a year on these missions. We would welcome you into our practice.



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